Posted by: BART Station Bard | July 29, 2012

Music and Food

 I finally have a regular gig. I’ll be playing the Lorin Station Crop Swap in Berkeley every Sunday afternoon from 1-2 PM. It’s at Adeline and Alcatraz, where we have been gathering all summer to exchange the produce from our gardens, share skills, advice and supplies, and build community.
 The site is beautiful, if a bit urban. It’s a busy corner, and there is a beautiful bee garden that was put in by Berkeley students, as well as a parklet. The bees and the traffic are in a way mirrors of each other, both intent on what they’re doing, taking no notice of anyone else. There’s a lot of foot traffic, though, and we do a fair amount of education. It’s sad that so few people recognize our crops as food, but heartening when they begin to understand, take something away, and come back. The local gardeners have begun to see us as a place to drop off their extra and many have become regulars.
 I started coming last year, just because it seemed like such a good idea to have some food security beginning to come together, and have been coming back because the people there give me such hope, and we have so much fun. I don’t have all that much produce to give, I grow sprouts so I have something to bring, and I bring worm tea from my worm bin. My garden is full of plants that were given to me as starts, but aren’t producing much yet. It has been fun watching the tomatoes grow and finding out what kind they are. I appear to have beefsteaks and romas, but they are still too small to really tell. Today I brought my drum and decided to start singing, and knew I’d found my niche.
 If you live in the area, come on down. Even if you don’t have produce to share, there is music, community, and we can get you started if you want to produce some food. A windowsill is enough, or even a dish drainer and a mason jar. Growing food, even a few herbs or some sprouts, is a magical thing, a means of connecting yourself to something larger. It is an act of power.


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